Ask a Lovella Stylist: Jewelry

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Brides want to look and feel their absolute best on their big day, which is why we’re launching a Q&A series! Lovella’s own in-house Wedding Fashion Expert and Stylist Nayri will help brides to navigate the often uncharted waters of bridal fashion.

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Let’s begin!

wedding jewelry advice from Lovella Bridal

Question: I don’t love jewelry. However, I feel like I should wear something special as a bride. What jewelry is most essential for a bride on her big day?

Nayri: Think hair, ears and wrist. There are three essential pieces a bride should wear on her wedding day: A veil or headpiece (or both), earrings and a bracelet. I’ll explain:

1. Hair Piece: This is where you get to personalize your look with your bridal gown! It is important to have something in your hair, even if not visible when seen head-on. Select either or both an embellished headpiece or comb, and veil. Veil-wise, opt for anything from a birdcage to dramatic cathedral veil. To have a little detail from behind is always lovely for photos.

Lovella bride in Ines Di Santo wedding dress by Kris Kan

photo shoot at the London by Duke Photography

Lovella bride in Ines Di Santo by Rene Zadori

Credits: 1 (Q&A image) Poghosyan Studio 2 Lovella bride Gayaneh, by Kris Kan 3 The London shoot by Duke Photography 4 Lovella bride Teny, by Rene Zadori.

2. Earrings: I love a bride with a bare neck and statement earrings. Ear detail and the neck left bare is absolute perfection! Even if you opt for a simpler look and don’t select a dramatic earring, something simple and classic will still work wonders.

bridal earrings

3. Bracelet: Many don’t think of the wrist, but it offers a different focal point and is a great opportunity to show off detail. Think of photos during the cake cutting and champagne toast/sipping champagne, as both are great opportunities to let your wrist shine.

Maria Elena Headpieces bracelet and bridal bouquet

Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez wedding by Kevin Weinstein

Lovella bride Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez wedding cake cutting

5 & 6: Poghosyan Studio 7 & 8 Lovella bride Courtney Lopez in her wedding to Mario Lopez, by Kevin Weinstein.