July 2, 2020

Wedding Gown Advice: What Color Wedding Dress Should I Choose?

Wedding Gown Advice: What Color Wedding Dress Should I Choose? Tips from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert Some words on gown color from Nayri, “Traditionally bridal gowns are of course supposed to be white, ironically most dresses featured in-store and seen on the runway aren’t always white. Designers love to design with a hint of color such as using colors like lilac, blush, pink, and even at times with a hint of blue. Designers call the color of a dress a million different things. We have dresses that are called vanilla, champagne, cameo pink, oyster, off-white, snow-white, and much more.” These different names technically do not mean the color of the dress, these names represent a fabric that the designer features. She recommends not getting hung up on what the color is called, but to instead look at what the color looks like on your skin, in pictures, and different lighting. […]
June 28, 2020

Wedding Gown Advice: Preservation!

Wedding Gown Advice: Preservation! Why make an effort to carefully and correctly preserve your wedding dress? Wedding gowns are a big investment and one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever wear, even if it’s only worn once! Preserving your wedding gown makes your special day last forever. We recommend reaching out to a Wedding Gown Specialist near you! You can also listen to the full detailed podcast that his blog was written off of, here, for more information on cleaning and preservation.  Bits and pieces from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert’s Nayri Unveiled Podcast series, Episode 31 featuring Sasha Albitt of Albitt’s Fine Cleaners and Launderers: Getting your wedding dress ready for preservation is a tricky task when done correctly. Cleaning a wedding gown is not like cleaning any other garment. Designers are not creating dresses for their cleanability, they’re creating dresses to make the bride look and feel […]
June 24, 2020

Nayri Unveiled: BERTA Headquarters & Tour in Israel!

Nayri Unveiled: BERTA Headquarters & Tour in Israel! Our very own, Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert, got the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel all the way to Israel to tour the BERTA Headquarters and interview Nir! BERTA Headquarters not only houses all of their offices and administration department, but the production, design, showroom, and shipping and packaging all take place there as well. In addition to the production and distribution part of the company, it also serves as a bridal store for all of the brides in Israel. How fascinating is it that BERTA’s entire company operates seamlessly under one roof?! During Nayri’s interview with Nir, she mentions how Berta begins her design process, and it is so intriguing! Berta’s design process actually begins with the fabric, she then drapes over mannequins which sparks her inspiration for sketches and patterns that eventually make it into the remarkably beautiful gowns […]
June 21, 2020

BERTA 2020 NAPOLI Trunk Show!

BERTA 2020 NAPOLI Trunk Show! BERTA is back for a limited time only! We are so excited to announce our upcoming BERTA Napoli Collection trunk show. During Trunk Show weekend events the wedding gown designer, or their representative, brings their entire collection (yes, in trunks!) and provides our Lovella Brides with their own personal consultations. The benefits for you to attend a trunk show are that you’ll have the opportunity to pre-shop a larger selection of gowns not yet available in-stores.  The Napoli Collection will be visiting Lovella on June 26-28 by appointment! You won’t want to miss out on this! Please call 818.246.4637 to book your appointment.
June 17, 2020

Mary, in Berta, Marries Aram!

Mary, in Berta, Marries Aram!   Our stunning Lovella Bride Mary said “I do!” in a gorgeous BERTA Bridal gown at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum in Miami, Florida! To accessorize, Mary paired her gown with a dazzling piece by Maria Elena Headpieces that looked absolutely fabulous with her sleek ponytail and light waves! Glamming up our beautiful bride was Joann Wiltshire on makeup and Renata Estepan on hair! Capturing all the magical moments was Erika Delgado and Merge Social. This wedding was so beautiful and full of love, you can feel all of the love pouring out of these amazing photos! The way this couple looks at one another is so pure and genuine. We wish Mary and Aram an abundance of joy and love throughout their lifetime together. Congratulations to this wonderful couple, it was such an honor to be part of this special day!  “An elegant bride, a […]