Ripe for the Picking, Berries and Weddings

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February 18, 2012
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February 21, 2012

If you’re a bride-to-be scouring the internet for inspiration, chances are your wedding is this spring or summer. You’re in luck; we have some delicious berry inspiration for you today.

Incorporating richly-hued berries into your wedding is a great way to weave in your wedding colors, garnish with delicious, bright, and flavorful somethings, and inject seasonality into your celebration. Prime berry suspects? Cocktails, tarts, and more.

Here’s plenty of sweet inspiration for your Sunday!

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berry fruit wedding inspiration, blackberry cocktails

berry fruit wedding inspiration, raspberry cupcakes

berry fruit wedding inspiration, tarts and stationery

berry fruit wedding inspiration blueberries and strawberries

Photo Credits: 1 Abby Ross Photography via *** 2 Enjoy Cupcakes w/ image by Jose Villa via *** 3 Jose Villa via *** 4 Tarts by Jake’s Catering w/ image by Altura Studio via *** 5 Ice cream sandwiches by Tartelette 6 NK Photography via ***.

berry wedding inspiration with blueberry cupcakes

berry fruit wedding inspiration blackberries

berry fruit wedding inspiration blackberries

berry fruit wedding inspiration berry cheesecake and cocktail

7 B. Jackson’s Bakery cupcakes via *** 8 Image via *** 9 Carin Krasner via *** 10 Ken Kienow Photography via *** 11 Cheesecake bites by Paradise Gourmet via *** 12 Blackberry cocktail image by Abby Ross Photography via ***.

raspberry wedding inspiration

berry fruit wedding inspiration, blackberries and strawberries

berry fruit wedding inspiration cake

13 Dessert bar by Stardust Pastry via *** 14 Jill Thomas Photography via *** 15 J. Cogliandro Photography via *** 16 Summer Street Photography via ***.

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