We have a post packed with all kinds of cuteness for you today!

There is something incredibly sweet about a flower girl topped with a floral crown. Not to mention, what girl (or woman, for that matter) doesn’t feel special or pretty when donning an uber pretty dress AND luscious headpiece?

This post should put a smile on your face. Enjoy!



flower girls with floral headpieces, crowns

flower girls with floral crown

flower girls with floral crowns

Photo Credits: 1 Catherine Hall Studios / Via *** 2 Adam Nyholt / Via *** 3 Chelsea Nicole Photography / Via *** 4 Meg Smith / Via *** 5 Carrie Patterson / Via ***.

flower girls with floral crowns, photographed by Jana Williams

floral crown or headpiece

flower girls

flower girl floral crown

6 & 7 Jana Williams Photography / Via *** 8 The Nichols / Via *** 9 Adeline and Grace Photography / Via *** 10 Veil and Bow / Via *** 11 Emily G Photography / Via ***.

flower girls with floral crowns

floral headpiece

floral crowns on flower girls

12 Rodeo & Co. Photography / Via *** 13 Via *** 14 Via *** 15 Caroline Tran / Via *** 16 Alyse French Photography / Via ***.

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