Beautiful Burlap

April 8, 2013

It’s time to change the way people look at burlap. Yes, that “plain-woven, coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or the like” (source).

Burlap has come a long way. No longer used just for utilitarian purposes, burlap’s being integrated into wedding themes and decor more than ever.  Especially now that it’s spring, there’s no better time for it.

The fabric lends an earthy, natural feel to decor. Bonus: it’s neutral in color. Another bonus: it’s uber affordable. Advice: don’t make burlap the leading star of the show. Instead, make it a fabulous supporting part, an element so effortless that it gets lost in the ensemble of the entire cast.

Steal some of the inspiration below… and enjoy!







Photo Credits: 1 Duke Photography / Advice cage by Pretty Please Design / Via Lovella Bridal’s blog 2 Jamie Harper Photography (via) 3 Virgil Bunao (via) 4 The Schultzes (via).




5 Erin Hearts Court (via) 6 f8 Studios (via) 7 (Via) 8 f8 Studios (via) 9 Diamond Cake Photography (via).


burlap wedding ideas


10 Burlap wedding stationery created by photographer Jodi Miller (via) 11 Candice Benjamin 12 Virgil Bunao (via) 13 (Via).


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