Bridesmaid Trend: Lace Dresses

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May 12, 2014
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May 13, 2014


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What’s hot in bridesmaid fashion now? Tulle isn’t the only mega trend; lace is having a big moment, too. And why shouldn’t it be? Lace, depending on color and intricacy, is a beautiful option for anything from casual to formal dresses. (For fun, check out this brief history of lace in fashion.)

Enter bridesmaid wear. Amsale offers up the most romantic cocktail of color options for their long lace dresses: black, nude, blush, navy, pewter, raisin, slate and truffle. All romantic, all chic and fashionable. On the other hand, Wtoo offers more flirty lace dresses in fresh, youthful colors and styles.

We carry Amsale and Wtoo lace dresses. If you see something you love, contact us. Let your favorite ladies wear something versatile that’ll make it into their special event rotation for years to come.

Enjoy the inspiration!



Romance meets classic fashion in these fantastically constructed Amsale bridesmaid dresses:

Amsale bridesmaid dress G864L-Navy

Amsale bridesmaid dress G843L-Blush

Amsale bridesmaid dress G842L-Slate

Amsale bridesmaid dress G845L-Truffle

Amsale bridesmaid dress G844L-Navy

Amsale bridesmaid dress G830L-Black-Black

Amsale bridesmaid dress G865L-Blush

Amsale bridesmaid dress G863L-Pewter

Amsale bridesmaid dress G829L-Raisin

Amsale bridesmaid dress G866L-Slate

Amsale bridesmaid dress G831L-Pewter

Wtoo offers a modern take on lace in fresh and fun styles:

Wtoo 696 lace bridesmaid dress

Wtoo 693 lace bridesmaid dress

Wtoo 694 lace bridesmaid dress

Wtoo 692 lace bridesmaid dress

Wtoo 697 lace bridesmaid dress