Who Should be Included in the Wedding Dress Selection?

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July 16, 2014
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selecting a wedding dress at Lovella Bridal

In case you missed it, we offered our expertise on Bridal Fashion for, one of the premiere sites in free educational online articles and videos. We filmed a series of ten short and sweet video clips in which Nayri of Lovella dishes out bridal fashion advice. Read more about the series here.

Exclusively for our followers and fans, we’ll highlight each video and Nayri will include an extra nugget of advice not included in the video!

In the video titled “Who Should Go to Pick Out the Wedding Dress?”, Nayri gives a perfect solution to the common conundrum of who to bring when selecting that all-important gown: save the decision makers for when you’ve already narrowed down your options to your absolute favorites.

“It’s very important to bring in those who share your same fashion vision,” she shares in the video. If you want to include those who may not share your vision, visit alone prior to including them. Select the gowns you love so you can limit opinions later when you roll in those people you’d like involved in the selection. “And now you’re just including them in the final decision making process.”

Nayri’s bonus advice: “For the bride who plans on bringing a large entourage: let the bridal salon know ahead of time so they are prepared to reserve a space to accommodate you and your guests comfortably during your appointment.”

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