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May 18, 2012
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May 21, 2012

We are delighted, enthused and excited to share this interview with our brides, readers and wedding industry friends today.

Sonig, Cake Studio’s own caketress, has garnered praise from so many of our brides. This said, we felt it to be a natural choice to feature her, and an inspirational story to match, on our blog. If anything, read Sonig’s answer to our first question; we think you’ll be hooked. Also, scroll down to see a few samples of her and her team’s brilliant cakes; we highly recommend setting up a consultation with Sonig and her team to create your dream cake.

And please leave a comment below! Share with us know what you thought of the interview. A very special thanks goes to Sonig for taking the precious time to speak with us; we are appreciative.

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cake studio pasadena wedding cakes

LBWhat is Cake Studio’s story?

SONIG: [For work I used to] assess damages when someone had a collision. I loved what I did, and I was good at it. Then in 2003 I [was] diagnosed with stage 3B cancer; that changed my life overnight. I had a major operation and was given an 80/20 chance [of surviving]. After a lot of chemotherapy and radiation I was given a 50/50 chance. During my treatment sessions I would watch the Food Network, and all of a sudden I got this overwhelming sense of wanting to make cakes! So, long story short, I signed up for classes and to my surprise my chef instructor took a liking to me. She had been the pastry chef at Spago Beverly Hills for Wolfgang Puck for years, [and] I was blessed that she mentored me.

I [began] making cakes from my house in 2007 as a therapy/hobby, but very soon after the word got out and I needed a bigger kitchen. I opened my own commercial kitchen near downtown LA in 2009. [At] the beginning of 2012 I [joined] a boutique in Pasadena with a couple of wedding vendors.

God has been so good to me; I have been in remission for eight years now. I live every day as a true gift, and try not to take anything in my path for granted.

LBYou incorporate dazzle, texture, floral and whimsical elements into your creations. What is your favorite element of cake styling/decorating?

SONIG: [It] has to be the classic and elegant styles, [but] with a touch of modern[ity] to bring [in] today’s trending looks without taking away from what a “wedding cake” should look like. A [cake] is such an iconic respectable showpiece at the wedding reception.

LBWhat is one tip you can offer in order to make a bride-on-a-budget’s dream cake a reality?

SONIG: The best tip I [can] offer is that the bride have an open mind. [Integrate] a few foam “fake” tiers into the cake, [then] replace the cake servings needed by supplying the kitchen with sheet cakes. This in return will help the bride achieve her desired cake design by cutting the cost and keeping it on budget.

LBWhat inspires your creations?

SONIG: My styling inspiration and direction is pulled from current fashion trends, vintage elements and organic design. At Cake Studio we don’t like to integrate many non-edible trapeze acts in our cakes. However, we do love our dazzle and shiny glorious crystals and beautiful handmade sugar flowers in custom types and colors to match any style and theme.

LB: What is the SINGLE most important thing a bride should bring with her to a wedding cake appointment?

SONIG: A direction in style/design that she’s admired and [that] is inspirational to her. It could be a picture of a cake or [her] wedding dress, or even the wedding invitation. This will give us a sense of what the bride is looking for, which will help us tremendously in sketching the perfect cake design during our consultation.

LBWhat special element separates Cake Studio from other Los Angeles-area bakeries?

SONIG: What sets Cake Studio apart from the rest is [that] making beautiful and delicious cakes is truly our passion. We work with every client individually to create a unique and delicious cake with great attention to detail. We NEVER overbook, and we do recommend booking well in advance [for] any event. Only our best will go into our cakes.

cake studio los angeles pasadena wedding cakes
cake studio los angeles pasadena wedding cakes
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