Exclusive Interview with Edgardo Bonilla

Exclusive Interview with Rivini’s Rita Vinieris
November 13, 2013
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November 16, 2013

In less than one week we will host a dream event for any bride-to-be! Wedding or fashion fanatics will want in on the fun, too.

Next Wednesday, November 20 is the Grand Opening of our new luxury salon. The celebration will be complete with a couture fashion show, and appearances by designers Ines Di Santo, Jorge Manuel, Maria Elena Fuentes, and Rivini Fashion Director James Brown.

Also on the roster will be our good friend and incredibly talented designer Edgardo Bonilla; we’re pictured below with him and his model from bridal fashion week in October 2013. The New Jersey-based designer has strong ties with Lovella. In 2011 we collaborated on the Edgardo Bonilla for Lovella Bridal collection. We’ve had private viewings of his latest collections at bridal market, and we have interviewed him before. We have also used his gowns in countless bridal fashion shoots, like this one at The London.

Our latest collaboration has involved our brand new boutique: He will be designing our window displays with his custom mannequins. Mr. Bonilla chatted with us about his new collection, and about the inspiration behind his design at our new luxury location.

That said, be sure to RSVP to next Wednesday’s free event. Make it an event a night out with the girls, and see his work for yourself in the unveiling. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive interview.




Edgardo Bonilla Fall 2014 wedding dress collection

LB: Who is the Edgardo Bonilla bride?

E. BONILLA: The Edgardo Bonilla bride is fashion forward, modern and appreciates classic timeless exclusive elements of design and beauty.

LB: What designers or brands do you admire?

E. BONILLA: Coco Channel and Christine Dior.

LB: Your latest collection is inspired by your grandmother Rose. What are some of your favorite memories of your grandmother?

E. BONILLA: Grandmother was an unconditional loving person with a wonderful sense of humor and a beautiful appreciation of gardening. We cherished many moments with her in the gardens.

Edgardo Bonilla Fall 2014 wedding dress collection

A look from Edgardo Bonilla’s 2014 collection.

LB: What was the inspiration behind your window design for our new boutique?

E. BONILLA: Paris 1950s with glamour and sparkle.

LB: Share something about yourself that most people don’t know.

E. BONILLA: [I have a] passion for photography and painting and find beauty in all things.

wedding dress designer Edgardo Bonilla

Edgardo Bonilla at Lovella Bridal in 2011.