Exclusive Interview with Matthew Christopher, Newest Lovella Addition

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March 25, 2014
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March 28, 2014

On the eve of our Matthew Christopher Trunk Show weekend, we feel it only appropriate to share an exclusive treat with you all: an interview with the bridal gown designer himself, Matthew Christopher (Sobaski)!

Lovella recently acquired a number of styles from Christopher’s Spring 2014 Collection, which is nothing short of marvelous. We are thrilled to offer these sophisticated styles to the Lovella Bride.

Continue on to read how growing up in the Midwest influenced Christopher’s career, why he appears in his own advertisements, and of course, what inspired his latest collection. Enjoy!


Matthew Christopher wedding designer

LB: Only a handful of fashion designers hail from the Midwest. How has your upbringing influenced your art?

MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER: My upbringing has taught me to have a hard work ethic and it gave me an imagination to become something that people never thought you could become because I grew up in the middle of a cornfield. I always had an eye for gowns and gown making, but growing up in the Midwest gave me the push to get to where I am today.

LB: Your wedding was one of opulence and glamour; just beautiful! What did you learn from experiencing your own wedding that has influenced your designs or approach to bridal wear?

MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER: Planning my own wedding was my dream and it was what I always wanted to give to the love of my life. It helps me with the brides to show them and to help them understand how important the day is and how important it is that it is everything they dreamed of.

wedding of Matthew Christopher (Sobaski) wed David J. Marchi

A photo from Christopher’s own wedding; he married David John Marchi on December 27, 2012 in New York City.

LB: We love that you appear in your own advertising campaigns. What influenced your decision to costar in your ads?

MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER: My dad. When we first started this company he told me: “You are the brand and you need to put your face out there with your brand.”

LB: Speaking of your latest campaign, it’s so fun! Balloons, chess, martinis… How does all of this play in to the Matthew Christopher bride’s personality?

MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER: The MC bride personality plays into these ads because the MC bride is a very sophisticated woman, but knows how to be playful. She is a lawyer, artist, doctor, architect. She is very artistic and playful but also very sophisticated.

Matthew Christopher Spring 2014 wedding dresses

LB: You described your latest collection as “modern elegance with a very classic feminine twist.” Where did you find inspiration for your latest designs?

MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER: Paris this last year with David. The beautiful and inspiring architecture caught my eye because MC gowns are all about architecture. The architecture aspect is huge because it gives the fit to these gowns and it brings the body’s shape to life. After Paris inspired me, I combined what I saw there with organic laces and beading and then the “Devotion Collection” was born.