Exclusive Interview with Sareh Nouri, Newest Lovella Addition

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November 16, 2013
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November 23, 2013

On the eve of our Grand Opening, we are proud to announce a new addition to Lovella Bridal: Sareh Nouri. In fact, Amber Strickland of Sareh Nouri Bridal will be at our celebration tomorrow night to represent the label!

Nouri’s designs will join a lineup of gowns by designers who have an eye for beauty, romance, and exquisite quality and design.

The Iran native graduated with a degree in graphic design. It was her own wedding in 2009 that sparked her interest in bridal design, as her interest flourished in the creation of her own wedding gown.

In only three years, she has garnered legions of fans, a string of celebrities that have worn her designs, and countless appearances in magazines like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, People, Brides, and more.

Lovella took this opportunity to ask the designer a few questions; here are her responses. Enjoy this exclusive interview, and look for Sareh Nouri designs to hit Lovella Bridal very soon!


Sareh Nouri New York exclusive interview

LB: Who is the Sareh Nouri bride?

SAREH NOURI: She’s confident, alluring, and effortlessly beautiful on the inside and out.

LB: What 5 words describe a Sareh Nouri design?

SAREH NOURI: Classic, elegant, one-of-a-kind, romantic, timeless.

LB: Considering your degree in Graphic Design, in what ways does this influence bridal design (for you)?

SAREH NOURI: I come from an art background and there are elements of art that are similar in designing dresses. I got my degree in Graphic Design and that has been so beneficial in my business.

Designer Sareh Nouri in Bohemian Wedding Photography by millie b photography — with Clara Buchanan

The designer, w/ a model behind the scenes of her 2014 look book shoot.

LB: Hubert de Givenchy famously said “Luxury is in each detail.” What is your single favorite detail in a wedding gown?

SAREH NOURI: I have to say first and foremost the fabric and construction. Both combined will make an amazing wedding dress!

LB: Where do you find inspiration to create and design?

SAREH NOURI: I get inspired by all things beautiful. From nature, amazing fabrics (my favorite part of my job), and people!

LB: When you’re not designing, what are you doing (i.e. what do you enjoy outside of “work”)?

SAREH NOURI: I love to spent time with family and friends and just relax!