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May 30, 2012
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June 3, 2012

This is the second up in a series of floral-focused posts on our blog! First up was roses; click over to the post if you haven’t already.

Today we’re admiring peonies. They can be a pricey flower, but often these lush, full blooms are worth the investment. See how absolutely beautiful they look in the photos below! We’re especially fond of the peony boutonniere, which when white adds a sort of chicness to the groom’s look without being too frilly. And the pitcher filled with peonies? Delightful. Use this as inspiration not only for in the house, but for a rustic-chic occasion like a party or a wedding.

In conclusion, some fun facts about often a bride’s favorite flower:

  • 2,000: years peonies have been cultivated in China.
  • Regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.
  • Paeon: the physician of the gods in which peonies were named after.
  • 50: the amount of years peonies can live.
  • The peony is the traditional floral symbol of China.

Enjoy the images, and please… Pin away!

Lovella Bridal



gorgeous white peonies florals for wedding

chic peonies and bridal bouquet and wedding boutonniere

pretty pink peonies

pretty and chic wedding peonies cake

Photography/Designer Credits: 1 James Christianson / Via *** 2 Sofia Negron Photography / Via *** 3 Blumenthal Photography / Via *** 4 Allison Marie Photography 5  Via *** 6 Via ***.

chic peony bridal bouquet and pitcher of peonies


colorful wedding peonies

white peony bouquets

7 Sarah K Chen / Nisie’s Enchanted Forest / Gown by Kenneth Pool / Via *** 8 Via *** 9 Portraits by Lucinda 10 Source known 11 Focus Photography 12 Kate Headley Photography.

peony cake and bridal bouquet

peony wedding bouquet

peony bouquet and cake with bunting

13 Portraits by Lucinda 14 Jen Fariello Photography 15 Portraits by Lucinda 16 KT Merry / Petal Productions / Via *** 17 Via ***.