Floral Love: Tulips

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June 28, 2012
Fourth of July, Pt. 1: The Sweets
July 3, 2012

Some may say all of one thing is boring, but when it comes to tulips that simply doesn’t apply.

This is the third up in a series of floral posts, after roses and peonies. Below you’re going to see many: a. gorgeous colors b. fabulous ideas (wouldn’t the tulip stationery make for a fabulous bridal shower gift?) c. Pinterest-worthy images.

Some facts about the flower:

  • Ottoman Empire: where commercial cultivation began.
  • Tulip festivals are held around the world, and notably in Michigan, Iowa and Washington in the United States.
  • Tulips are in the same family as lilies.
  • 3,000: estimated varieties.
  • The Netherlands: so-called tulip capital of the world.

Enjoy the inspiration!



tiny yellow tulips

DIY tulip bouquets

bright pink tulip wedding bouquet

tulip arrangement and wedding cake

Photo Credits: 1 Cupcakes and Cashmere 2 Tara Leigh Photography / Via *** 3 Via *** 4 Bouquet by Beautiful Blooms / Laura Novak Photography / Via *** 5 Via *** 6 Connie Cupcake.

wedding tulips

tulips centerpiece

tulip place setting and stationery

tulip wedding centerpiece

purple tulps

7 Yellow Door Floral Design / Abby Jiu Photography / Via *** 8 Via *** 9 Love Me Do Photography / Via *** 10 Floral design by R.Jack Balthazar / Boutwell Studio / Via *** 11 Hawthorne & Wren stationery 12 Via *** 13 Via *** 14 Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry / Via ***.

fresh tulips

chic white tulip bouquet

fabulous wedding tulips

15 Via BHG 16 Via *** 17 Via *** 18 Via Brides 19 Cunningham Photo Artists / Via ***.

tulip quote