Secure Your Wedding or Celebration with guardNOW

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November 7, 2012
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November 11, 2012

Securing a spot in your budget for security at your wedding may be a wise investment.

guardNOW is a well-respected company that has secured a good reputation in the Los Angeles area, as well as nationwide. Its professional security services have been trusted by celebrities and high-profile figures like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and the list goes on.

Also, a bride-to-be may feel more secure knowing she may try on gowns in a safe atmosphere. guardNOW is available to keep you protected no matter when or where.

Even if the safety of the bride and/or groom, or anybody else, isn’t a concern, knowing that your wedding or celebration gifts and guests’ personal belongings are safe is an important aspect of any wedding or event. Leave all your worrying to guardNOW’s trained professionals – and enjoy your day!



guardNOW with Say Yes to the Dress Host Randy Fenoli

(Above) Say Yes to the Dress Host Randy Fenoli with guardNOW staff (all photos via guardNOW).

guardNOW with Kim Kardashian

(Above) Kim Kardashian at an event.

guardNOW and Kelly Osbourne

(Above) guardNOW behind the scenes at an event, with Kelly Osbourne.

guardNOW can protect your personal items

guardNOW can secure your wedding gifts

(Above) guardNOW protects more than just people.

guardNOW at Lovella Bridal

guardNOW at Lovella Bridal

(Above) guardNOW keeping watch at Lovella Bridal.