Heavenly Couture Confections

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August 8, 2012
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August 12, 2012

It’s true, we’re a bit couture crazy over here. We love (and sell) couture bridal gowns, and we appreciate gorgeously-designed cakes and cupcakes. We also love any confections – cookies, French macarons, cake pops, chocolates or tarts – that are so finely-crafted that to call them anything but couture would be a crime.

However, admittedly, sometimes all it takes is a clean, chic look, or one simple fabulous embellishment plucked on top, to make a sweet delight “couture” in our book. Our advice? Display accordingly!

Scroll down for some sweet inspiration.



fabulous couture wedding dress cookies

couture wedding confections

lovely wedding sweets

desserts by The Caketress

Photo/Baker Credits: 1 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 2 Impulse Photography 3 & 4 nbarrett photography / Layered Bake Shop / Via *** 5 The Caketress.

stand of gorgeous goodies for a bridal shower

heart tarts by Big City Little Treats

couture desserts

The Byrne Notice Launch with J Brand cake pops

fabulous couture cookie wedding favors by Anna Elizabeth Cakes

6 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 7 Big City Little Treats 8 Maki’s Cakes / Via *** 9 Vicky Starz / The Caketress / Via *** 10 Big City Little Treats 11 Anna Elizabeth Cakes.

couture cupcakes

wedding chocolates

couture sweets

couture wedding favor

12 Judy Pak / Big City Little Treats / Via *** 13 truffle truffle / Via *** 14 Stephen Pappas / Cupcake Heart / Via *** 15 White Loft Studio / Via *** 16 Anushe Low / Via ***.