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March 26, 2012
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March 28, 2012

When elements from a wedding are integrated into a home in the form of photos, or, as seen here, in a few other special-somethings from the big day.

Lovella bride Christine, who was unforgettable in a custom Edgardo Bonilla ball skirt on her wedding day, had her bouquet preserved. “Home decor! The rosary makes it!” the bride exclaimed regarding her wall decoration. The rosary, by Maria Elena and from our salon, was wrapped around her bouquet and was quite the fine addition to an already-beautiful bunch of florals.

Below we’ve also included a particularly lovely handwritten note from Christine; we never tire of hearing from our brides. At the bottom, too, is an image of her bouquet the first time around. Enjoy!

Lovella Bridal



Lovella bride Christine's preserved bouquet

Lovella bride Christine thank you note

Lovella bride Christine's bouquet with Maria Elena Headpieces rosary

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