Decor: Double The Wedding Fabulousness With Mirrors

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June 24, 2012
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June 27, 2012

A bit of advice from a variety of party tips and tricks books: incorporate mirrors into your decor. You may be surprised to find how much depth reflection may add to a look.

Take a cue from the photos below. Anything from table top mirrors and frames placed beneath single centerpieces, to large mirrors as statement pieces in the reception space are fabulous ideas. Show off those gorgeous florals you paid so much for, add to your wedding theme with marvelous frames with mirrors instead of photos, or double the glow of the candlelight from all those candles burning away.




mirror at wedding reception by elizabeth messina

mirror wedding decor inspiration

rose gold mirror wedding inspiration

ivory gold mirror wedding decor inspiration

Photo Credits: 1 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 2 Melissa Schollaert Photography / Via *** 3 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 4 JLS Photography / Via WedLuxe 5 Via ***.

mirror wedding decor

karen tran florals mirror wedding inspiration

mirror wedding inspiration

mirror wedding decor inspiration

6 David Crane / Kelly Oshiro Design / Via *** 7 Source unknown 8 Pam Scott / Flowers by & image via Karen Tran Florals 9 Boucher Photography / Via *** 10 Pam Scott / Design by & image via Emily Smiley 11 Renaissance Studios Photography / Via ***.

mirror and candles wedding decor

mirror wedding decor inspiration and florals

mirror and candles galore wedding reception

champagne reflection wedding

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