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January 23, 2012
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Lately it seems we’re seeing a gravitation from circle tables at wedding receptions and soirees to more tighter-knit seating for the guests.

A guaranteed way to create a more intimate atmosphere at a venue is to host a reception with one, or several, long tables for guests. Such a setup may alleviate the sweetheart or head table, but makes way for a setting that allows the celebration to feel intimate (like a dinner party). Such proximity to guests may be preferable to the bride and groom, who have the chance to enjoy the celebration closely with their guests throughout dinner and beyond.

And the benefits of such a setup exceed intimacy. Such a layout allows the bride and groom to better take advantage of a limited space, granting the potential to host more guests, accommodate a dance floor or a stunning display, and to have a  streamlined reception setup.

The following stunning photos showcase what we mean. Enjoy!

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France wedding reception with one long table

long tables in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

long wedding reception tables trend

outdoor wedding reception with long tables

long wedding reception tables trend

outdoor party in Dallas with long tables

Credits: 1 Design by Fete in France via *** K Hulet Photography 2 Scan from the Spring/Summer ’12 issue of Wedding Style Magazine 3 Gia Canali Photography 4 Image by StudioThisIs 5 Photo by First Comes Love 6 Flowers by Jackie Combs Floral Design via *** 7 Design by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations via *** 8 Image snapped by KARLISCH Photography.

one long outdoor wedding reception table

square long wedding reception table

guests at a long wedding reception table

long wedding reception table guest seating

9 Image by Jessica Burke Photography via *** 10 Image by Alisha + Brook Photographers via *** 11 Photo by Courtney Davidson via *** 12 Image by Erin Hearts Court via *** 13 Beaulieu Garden via *** 14 Photo by Courtney Davidson via ***.

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