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February 8, 2012
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February 13, 2012

The brooch bouquet trend has picked up major steam. Brides are realizing that they can have their bridal bouquets – and keep them, too.

In fact, the timing is perfect. Blue Petyl Bouquets so generously made us a stunning piece to use with our brides. We were so in love with the chic white and silver, pearl and crystal creation, that we contacted the husband-and-wife duo of Joe and Wini to give us the inside scoop on brooch bouquets.

Enjoy this exclusive; thank you to Blue Petyl for taking the time to share their insights! Also, scroll down for even more bridal bouquet inspiration.

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brooch wedding bouquet by Blue Petyl Bouquets

Blue Petyl brooch Bouquets

Top: The bouquet gifted by Blue Petyl Bouquets; Bottom: Their bestsellers, Silver and Black Brooch Bouquet and Pearl Hydrangea Bouquet.

LB: Why should a bride choose a brooch bouquet over a (real) floral bouquet? 

Blue Petyl: Reason 1: Brooch bouquets are beautiful. Flowers are beautiful too, but brooch bouquets achieve a level of detail and intricacy that can only be compared to a work of art. Reason 2: They’re not disposable, meaning you can keep them and display them just as the way they were on the day of your wedding. Reason 3: You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to “preserve” what can’t really be preserved. Reason 4: Brooch bouquets are much easier to customize by theme or color then a traditional floral bouquet. We can generally be much more precise achieving a very specific color than a florist can. Or, if you have a theme wedding, the theme can be incorporated directly in the bouquet. We’ve done theme bouquets such as Alice in Wonderland by including tea pots, playing cards, and other accessories directly in the bouquet. Reason 5: Regarding price, you get the beauty, versatility, and personalization of a brooch bouquet for typically less money than it would cost to get a fresh floral bouquet prepared and later preserved and encased after the wedding. I’ve heard many stories of brides being disappointed with their floral bouquets, which they don’t get to see until the day of the wedding. Reason 6: Brooch bouquets can be designed and delivered well before the wedding date.

LB: Why have brooch bouquets become so popular?

Blue Petyl: One of the major attractions is the fact that they can be cherished forever, even passed down to future generations. We have a lot of brides who send in their heirloom jewels to include in the bouquet; perhaps a photo locket of a loved one, or other momentos that make brooch bouquets so much more personal than perishable flowers.

LB: What kind of bouquet did Wini carry as a bride?

Blue Petyl: We got married long before brooch bouquets were even dreamed of. We had a very small ceremony on the beach in San Diego. Wini had a small white rose bouquet and a lace dress that was handmade by her mother. We didn’t even think much about the bouquet; it was an afterthought. But now we’re always looking at what the brides are carrying whenever we see a wedding!

brooch bridal wedding bouquet

brooch bridal wedding bouquet

brooch bridal wedding bouquet

brooch bridal wedding bouquet

brooch bridal wedding bouquet

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