July 19, 2014 Who Should be Included in the Wedding Dress Selection?

In case you missed it, we offered our expertise on Bridal Fashion for, one of the premiere sites in free educational online articles and videos. We filmed a series of ten short and sweet video clips in which Nayri of Lovella dishes out bridal fashion advice. Read more about the series here. Exclusively for our followers and fans, we’ll highlight each video and Nayri will include an extra nugget of advice not included in the video! In the video titled “Who Should Go to Pick Out the Wedding Dress?”, Nayri gives a perfect solution to the common conundrum of who to bring when selecting that all-important gown: save the decision makers for when you’ve already narrowed down your options to your absolute favorites. “It’s very important to bring in those who share your same fashion vision,” she shares in the video. If you want to include those who may […]
June 17, 2014

Watch Lovella’s Bridal Fashion Series on!

Lovella Bridal was approached as bridal experts to contribute content for, one of the premiere sites in free educational online articles and video tutorials. The topic was something we’re both well-versed in and passionate about: Bridal Fashion. The result? A series of ten short yet informative video clips in which Nayri of Lovella dishes out bridal fashion advice ranging in topics from which accessories to wear, to how to bustle a wedding veil, to which gowns best flatter shorter women. We are excited to share these videos! To be given a platform in which to both educate and inspire brides for their big day is a special opportunity for Lovella Bridal. Enjoy the preview below, and for your viewing pleasure click here for access to the series. Let us know what you think! (Also, a big thank you goes to Makeup2you by Rickie Bocanegra for doing Nayri’s impeccable hair and makeup.)
October 7, 2013

Ask a Lovella Stylist: Jewelry

Brides want to look and feel their absolute best on their big day, which is why we’re launching a Q&A series! Lovella’s own in-house Wedding Fashion Expert and Stylist Nayri will help brides to navigate the often uncharted waters of bridal fashion. Have a question? Nayri has an answer; email her. Let’s begin! Question: I don’t love jewelry. However, I feel like I should wear something special as a bride. What jewelry is most essential for a bride on her big day? Nayri: Think hair, ears and wrist. There are three essential pieces a bride should wear on her wedding day: A veil or headpiece (or both), earrings and a bracelet. I’ll explain: 1. Hair Piece: This is where you get to personalize your look with your bridal gown! It is important to have something in your hair, even if not visible when seen head-on. Select either or both an embellished headpiece or comb, and veil. Veil-wise, opt […]
September 11, 2013

Lovella Stylist Nayri Dishes Fashion Advice for California Wedding Day

Lovella Bridal wedding fashion expert and stylist Nayri was tapped by California Wedding Day to offer brides advice on selecting the perfect wedding gown; she happily obliged! In Choosing the Right Gown, takeaway tips from Nayri: keep an open mind, allow an expert to collaborate on selecting a gown in a body-enhancing shape, and bring people who share and support your vision to your fitting. Nayri’s mission: “To enable brides to express their love story through the art of fashion.” Brides, click over to California Wedding Day to read the full interview, and prepare to move forward in your gown selection process with confidence and inspiration! P.S. Look for a new series coming to our blog this month: Ask a Lovella Fashion Stylist. From shoes to jewels to gowns, Nayri will dish on the advice brides seek. Have a question? Email Nayri.
June 25, 2012

Decor: Double The Wedding Fabulousness With Mirrors

A bit of advice from a variety of party tips and tricks books: incorporate mirrors into your decor. You may be surprised to find how much depth reflection may add to a look. Take a cue from the photos below. Anything from table top mirrors and frames placed beneath single centerpieces, to large mirrors as statement pieces in the reception space are fabulous ideas. Show off those gorgeous florals you paid so much for, add to your wedding theme with marvelous frames with mirrors instead of photos, or double the glow of the candlelight from all those candles burning away. Enjoy!     Photo Credits: 1 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 2 Melissa Schollaert Photography / Via *** 3 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 4 JLS Photography / Via WedLuxe 5 Via ***. 6 David Crane / Kelly Oshiro Design / Via *** 7 Source unknown 8 Pam Scott / […]