August 14, 2012

Floral Love: Carnations

It’s that time again, for plenty of floral goodness. This is a continuation of our Floral Love series. Carnations have long been banished to the filler flower category. But why? Bunched together, carnations can pack major punch. They’re affordable, easy to get, light and airy, and can be the star or costar of your wedding. Quick facts about this sweetly-scented flower: Available year-round, they are never out of season. Carnations are symbolic of mother’s love. 3 weeks: Length of time carnations can last once cut. Enjoy the images!     Photo/Flower Credits: 1 Floral design by Eddie Ross 2 Via *** 3 Mali B Sweets / Via Brides 4 Via *** 5 Via ***. 6 Stephanie Yonce Photography / Florals by Honeydew Events / Via *** 7 Lizzy’s Bloomin’ Flowers 8 My Sweet & Saucy 9 Via *** 10 Kristin Vining Photography 11 Jonas Peterson / Always Fabulous Flowers / […]
July 2, 2012

Floral Love: Tulips

Some may say all of one thing is boring, but when it comes to tulips that simply doesn’t apply. This is the third up in a series of floral posts, after roses and peonies. Below you’re going to see many: a. gorgeous colors b. fabulous ideas (wouldn’t the tulip stationery make for a fabulous bridal shower gift?) c. Pinterest-worthy images. Some facts about the flower: Ottoman Empire: where commercial cultivation began. Tulip festivals are held around the world, and notably in Michigan, Iowa and Washington in the United States. Tulips are in the same family as lilies. 3,000: estimated varieties. The Netherlands: so-called tulip capital of the world. Enjoy the inspiration!     Photo Credits: 1 Cupcakes and Cashmere 2 Tara Leigh Photography / Via *** 3 Via *** 4 Bouquet by Beautiful Blooms / Laura Novak Photography / Via *** 5 Via *** 6 Connie Cupcake. 7 Yellow Door […]
June 2, 2012

Floral Love: Peonies

This is the second up in a series of floral-focused posts on our blog! First up was roses; click over to the post if you haven’t already. Today we’re admiring peonies. They can be a pricey flower, but often these lush, full blooms are worth the investment. See how absolutely beautiful they look in the photos below! We’re especially fond of the peony boutonniere, which when white adds a sort of chicness to the groom’s look without being too frilly. And the pitcher filled with peonies? Delightful. Use this as inspiration not only for in the house, but for a rustic-chic occasion like a party or a wedding. In conclusion, some fun facts about often a bride’s favorite flower: 2,000: years peonies have been cultivated in China. Regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. Paeon: the physician of the gods in which peonies were named after. […]
April 30, 2012

Floral Love: Roses

Flowers – we love them! To kick off a series of floral-focused posts, we give you a collection of rose images. From bouquets and centerpieces to out-of-this-world arrangements and cupcakes, we hope to have rose inspiration for your wedding or spring soiree covered. Now the fun facts rundown of America’s favorite flower: 100: number of species of roses. 1,000: age of the oldest rose in the world, located in Germany. 60: % of US-grown roses that are grown in California The name rose comes from French, itself from Latin rosa. A rose’s blooms are edible. Rose hips (the fruits of the rose plant) contain more Vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable. Again, enjoy the images!     Photography/Designer Credits: 1 Samantha Erin Photography / Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design / Via *** 2 Image via *** 3 Marisa Holmes / Via *** 4 Christine Chang Photography […]
March 18, 2012

Minty Fresh Green

Everybody has had a love affair with green. It’s among the most soothing of colors, and is certainly appropriate for a springtime wedding. We’re in love, especially with a crisp mint green, and are celebrating the official arrival of spring a couple days early. Enjoy the inspiration below; we hope we’ve struck a nice balance between a soft mint to a less-subtle hue.     Credits: 1 Boutonniere by Tre Bella Flowers w/ image by Kellie Kano Photography via *** 2 Image via *** 3 Image via *** 4 Image by Flemming Leitorp of Bryllupsglimt via *** 5 Benefit eyeshadow via *** 6 Bridesmaid dress by Wtoo 7 Image by emily g photography via ***. 8 Photo by Smallpigart Photography via *** 9 Cake by The Landing West Coast Grill via *** 10 Allure Bridals bridesmaid dresses via *** 11 Bouquet image via Martha Stewart Weddings 12 Photo via *** […]