October 10, 2013

Ines Di Santo, Pronovias & Butter End Cakery: Fashion Meets Confection

We were approached by one of our go-to photographers, Duke Khodaverdian of Duke Photography, to lend gowns for a photo shoot involving cakes and couture. We couldn’t resist! For the fashion-meets-confection scene that the ladies of Butter End Cakery were looking to create, we turned to Ines Di Santo and Pronovias gowns from our salon to complete the fantasy. The final product: Fashion meets its match with Butter End cakes. True magic! Together a team of talented artists and vendors created these incredibly fun and lovely images. Below are a few photos we grabbed from Butter End’s blog; the last is the final image that will be used for their website and beyond. Enjoy! P.S. The women with the cakes are not hired models; they make up 3/4 of Butter End Cakery. From left: Rainbow, Kellie and owner Kimberly. (Sara, the fourth member of the team, is not pictured.) Credits: Photography: […]
March 11, 2012

Zesty Orange

Call it what you will – zesty, tangy… invigorating, even. No matter the adjective, orange is an in-your-face, bold shot of color. Used sparingly, it can look oh-so fabulous. The evidence is in the photos below. We’ll leave you with some words from Frank Sinatra: “Orange is the happiest color.”     Photo Credits: 1 onelove photography 2 Dress by Wtoo 3 Flowers by Krista Jon via *** 4  Jen Lauren Grant Photographer 5 Scott Andrew Studio 6 “Lance” shoes by Jimmy Choo. 7 Artage Pictures 8 Image found via *** 9 “Lara’s Theme” nail polish by Deborah Lippmann 10 Tiffany & Co. “Holly” Clutch 11 Jenna Cole Photography w/ boutonniere by Larkspur via ***. 12 Cake by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes via *** 13 Artage Pictures 14 Scott Andrew Studio 15 & 16 Tiffany & Co. Bracelet Bag and Citrine Cocktail Ring.
February 19, 2012

Ripe for the Picking, Berries and Weddings

If you’re a bride-to-be scouring the internet for inspiration, chances are your wedding is this spring or summer. You’re in luck; we have some delicious berry inspiration for you today. Incorporating richly-hued berries into your wedding is a great way to weave in your wedding colors, garnish with delicious, bright, and flavorful somethings, and inject seasonality into your celebration. Prime berry suspects? Cocktails, tarts, and more. Here’s plenty of sweet inspiration for your Sunday!     Photo Credits: 1 Abby Ross Photography via *** 2 Enjoy Cupcakes w/ image by Jose Villa via *** 3 Jose Villa via *** 4 Tarts by Jake’s Catering w/ image by Altura Studio via *** 5 Ice cream sandwiches by Tartelette 6 NK Photography via ***. 7 B. Jackson’s Bakery cupcakes via *** 8 Image via *** 9 Carin Krasner via *** 10 Ken Kienow Photography via *** 11 Cheesecake bites by Paradise Gourmet […]
December 2, 2011

Winter White & Ivory Cakes

No other confection is quite as chic or timeless as a white or ivory wedding cake. White and ivory have the power to transcend all seasons; the colors are fashionable in spring and summer or fall and winter. And bonus points goes to a cake with icing in exquisite textures, designs or shapes, which seem to make it all the more enticing to sink your teeth into. Go classic with flowers and pearls or modern with large circles or waves of buttercream or fondant. Below you’ll see a towering white rosette cake (almost too pretty to eat), classically textured four and five-tiered cakes, an art deco-inspired creation and more.     Credits: 1 Via Martha Stewart Weddings 2 Cake by Cut the Cake via *** 3 Via The Knot 4 Cake by Cake Crumbs w/ image by Heidi Ryder via *** 5 Cake by cakegirls via *** 6 Sublime Bakery […]
September 25, 2011

Ray of Sunshine

Summer may be gone but the sun still shines! Bright and sunny yellow hues are popping up in weddings more than ever. A little pop of color can go a long way, as evidenced in the photos below. Yellow may not be for everyone… initially. To become a fan incorporate this standout color, proven to boost joy and happiness, into accents like accessories, flowers or your wedding cake. You may be surprised at the magic a hint of sunshine can make.     Image Credits: 1 Focus Photography, Inc. w/ bouquet by Luna Gardens via *** / 2 FS Photography w/ cake by Mark Joseph Cakes via *** / 3 Sarah K Chen / 4 Stephanie Williams Photography  5 Jocelyn Filley Photography via *** / 6 Our Labor of Love w/ Highland Bakery cake via *** / 7 image via *** / 8 Tray Photography via *** / 9 image […]