Carrie Bradshaw

January 9, 2012

Edgardo Bonilla makes Christine’s Dream Dress a Reality

Lovella bride Christine had a unique vision that we were able to make a reality; this story is an extra special one. Christine owns a Santa Barbara-based tanning and waxing boutique called Honeys. While at an appointment Christine shared with us her vision for her bridal gown. Her inspiration was derived from Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie in Sex and the City 2; in a scene she paired a Zac Posen ball gown skirt with a Christian Dior blouse. Bingo! We said we had THE perfect designer to replicate the look: without a doubt, the one and only Edgardo Bonilla, the king of ball gowns and bows. This moment defined the phrase “a match made in heaven.” The following week we were back at Honeys with a sketch of the skirt and fabric swatches from Edgardo; this was all accomplished during an eyebrow appointment. Talk about multitasking! Christine married Joey in […]
December 20, 2011

Lovella Loves…

These Vivienne Westwood heels, seen here. It’s tough to miss the plethora of brides who’ve opted to wear various color combinations of this style. This particular pair caught our eye because of the unique, unexpected even, color combo. It’s hard not to love the something blue shoe since Carrie Bradshaw, and with red being such a romantic color the lovely shoe pictured below seems to be extremely befitting of a wedding. ♥    
October 14, 2011

Lovella Loves…

These purple Manolo Blahniks, seen here. As you may know these shoes are most recognizable from the one and only Ms. Carrie Bradshaw as her “something blue” for her wedding. We absolutely love that this bride wore them in purple; what a fabulous pop of color!