February 18, 2014

Floral Love: Red Roses

Valentine’s Day has passed, but love is still in the air. Truth is, we’ve fallen for red roses in recent months. A classic, true symbol of romantic love, red roses will never go out of style, nor will they cease to lose their “classic” status. One bit of advice when integrating red roses into your wedding, though: be wary of the extras. If you desire chic, pair red roses with an all-white or ivory palette, with maybe metallic accents; that combination is sure to amaze. When done right, the red rose is one of the chicest, most classic (if not overlooked) options in the book. Enjoy the inspiration! Credits: 1 Hong Photography / Arrangements by Sunflower Florist / Via 2 Via The Knot 3 Heather Waraksa / Bouquet by Tantawan Bloom / Via 4 & 5 Mark Anthony Studios / Dessert shooters by C2 Catering Couture / Via 6 Floral […]
January 21, 2014

Floral Love: Deep-Hued Calla Lilies

Nothing sets the tone of an event quite like plum, burgundy and black-colored calla lilies. In its shape, a dark-hued calla lily is stylish, an instant classic. It’s also romantic, holding a sort of magical quality. But at the same time it’s mysterious. They say a photo is worth a thousand words; a calla lily is, too. These qualities come with a cost, however, in monetary and health form. Calla lilies are notoriously higher-priced, which makes them an especially luxurious addition to a centerpiece or bouquet. And it cannot be overlooked that calla lilies contain oxalic acid and are poisonous to humans and animals if ingested. We love the look of a mass of calla lilies, whether neatly stacked or packed together in a bouquet. Not to say a single calla lily, say, in a bud vase, can’t hold its own; it can. Admire. Enjoy! Photographer/Florist Credits: 1 & 5 […]
February 9, 2013

I Do! An Event for the Stylist Bride, Pt. 2

I Do! An Event for the Stylist Bride was a great success. There were florals, cakes, calligraphy, stationery, linens and general inspiration aplenty at the event, which were met with smiles, dreamy eyes and glowing praise. Being exhibitors ourselves, we’ve included photos and inspiration from our own booth to start. A special shout-out goes to Butterfly Floral and Event Design for creating our booth’s AMAZING centerpiece; it was so lovely! Also during the event, we sent our models down the runway for an exclusive fashion show; see photos here. Throughout the event our models in Ines Di Santo gowns were seen traipsing about the premises; girls do love to play dress-up! Also view some of our favorite, inspiring selections from the event. As much as we’d love it to be, this is not a definitive collection; there were just too many gorgeous designs for it to be. However, feel free […]
July 22, 2012

Floral Love: Hydrangeas

We’ve got SO much goodness for you today! This is a continuation of our Floral series; check out our past posts on roses, peonies and tulips. When bunched together, these gloriously colored flowers that are hydrangeas are luscious and full but maintain a light-as-air appearance perfect for adding to bulk to bouquets, floral arrangements or simply anywhere in need of a flourish. Some great examples of hydrangea magic are below, from the floral-stuffed wedding cake, to the hydrangea hedge spilling to the floor, to the gorgeous slice of floral cake with exquisite presentation. Quick facts about the flower: 100: number of species of hydrangeas. White, blue, red, green, pink and purple: hydrangea colors, which depend highly on the acidity of the flower’s soil. It’s a great filler option for bouquets and arrangements. Hydrangeas are scentless. Enjoy the inspiration!   Credits: 1 Yolande Marx Photography / Bouquet by Bunches @ Home […]
July 2, 2012

Floral Love: Tulips

Some may say all of one thing is boring, but when it comes to tulips that simply doesn’t apply. This is the third up in a series of floral posts, after roses and peonies. Below you’re going to see many: a. gorgeous colors b. fabulous ideas (wouldn’t the tulip stationery make for a fabulous bridal shower gift?) c. Pinterest-worthy images. Some facts about the flower: Ottoman Empire: where commercial cultivation began. Tulip festivals are held around the world, and notably in Michigan, Iowa and Washington in the United States. Tulips are in the same family as lilies. 3,000: estimated varieties. The Netherlands: so-called tulip capital of the world. Enjoy the inspiration!     Photo Credits: 1 Cupcakes and Cashmere 2 Tara Leigh Photography / Via *** 3 Via *** 4 Bouquet by Beautiful Blooms / Laura Novak Photography / Via *** 5 Via *** 6 Connie Cupcake. 7 Yellow Door […]