ceremony decor

March 26, 2012

Candle Perfection

Rarely can one element, other than perhaps florals, have the power to elevate a wedding reception to the next level. But candles can do the trick, and beautifully. Candles can beautify a mundane setting, or illuminate an already-fantastic one. Whether tall or small, towering or tealight, take a cue from these photos if you’re looking to add a little (or plenty) of glow to your ceremony or reception space.     1 Sarah Yates 2 Joanna Tano via *** 3 Lisa Rigby Photography via *** 4 Emily G Photography via *** 5 Distillery District of Toronto via *** 6 Les Loup w/ design by Alchemy Fine Events via ***. 7 Studio Castillero via *** 8 Natasja Kremers via *** 9 Bliss Photography via *** 10 Smitten Photography 11 via *** 12 Duke Photography via ***.
September 27, 2011

Lovely Lights

Lighting, an important component of wedding function and decor, is often cast aside as a last minute task on a seemingly never ending wedding to-do list. Though seen as a necessity, lighting is often not seen as playing an integral role in the decor of the ceremony or reception. We have news for you: lighting can make or break a wedding. A string of lights at a reception at night, or inside a tall interior space, can add a sense of fairy tale and magic to your ambience. Ornamental light fixtures and displays can create an added element of extravagance. Something else to keep in mind: lights make for fabulous photos! Enjoy the shining inspiration. Image Credits: 1 Abby Ross via *** 2 HBB Photography via *** 3 Jackie Wonders via *** 4 Stephen Karlisch via *** 5 The Parsons via *** 6 Studio Cabrelli 7 Michael Segal via *** […]