April 8, 2014

Featured: Lovella on ABC’s Good Morning America

In Just Say No To Counterfeit Fashion, posted early last month on our blog, we outlined the substantial problems that knockoffs cause to the wedding gown industry. We urged our readers to take a stand against counterfeiting. Two weeks later, our very own Nayri appeared on Good Morning America to discuss concerns of knockoff wedding gowns in their segment Wedding Dress Wars: Suing to Stop Knockoffs. We’ve posted the video below; please check it out.
March 3, 2014

Just Say No to Counterfeit Fashion

We urge you to take a stand against counterfeiting. Our incredible interest in the matter began after we stumbled across using our own images from bridal market to sell impostor wedding gowns overseas. Counterfeiting in the high fashion industry is not breaking news. The activity is thievery, and hurtful to businesses and therefore the economy. In fact, after some recent research we’re learning just how much it affects the wedding industry too. In 2012 it was estimated that 600,000 knockoff dresses were purchased online in the United States. The repercussions of this number is rather immeasurable. The money that leaves the United Stats goes elsewhere, specifically to China where counterfeiting is rampant, leaving the pockets of both talented designers and the often small businesses (like Lovella Bridal) that sell their work. And the financial aspect is only one aspect of the impact; brand reputation is damaged and hard work […]