May 14, 2014

Lovella Loves…

Ombre cake. The universal love is no secret. There’s just something lovely about the degradation of pretty color coupled with confection. And while ombre icing is great and all, how about a little surprise inside? (After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?) And an ombre cake needn’t be only for big occasions; it’s something you can replicate with time and maybe a little practice. Amanda Rettke, author of Surprise-Inside Cakes, has a wonderful how-to on her blog. Enjoy! Credits: 1 Pink ombre cake via Noel Barnhurst Photography 2 Green ombre cake by Chocolate & Carrots 3 Pink ombre rose cake by VS’ in the Kitchen 4 Pink ombre cake by La Mia Vita Dolce 5 Purple ombre cake by Beantown Baker 6 Green ombre cake by i am baker 7 Pink ombre cake by Sugar.
August 10, 2012

Heavenly Couture Confections

It’s true, we’re a bit couture crazy over here. We love (and sell) couture bridal gowns, and we appreciate gorgeously-designed cakes and cupcakes. We also love any confections – cookies, French macarons, cake pops, chocolates or tarts – that are so finely-crafted that to call them anything but couture would be a crime. However, admittedly, sometimes all it takes is a clean, chic look, or one simple fabulous embellishment plucked on top, to make a sweet delight “couture” in our book. Our advice? Display accordingly! Scroll down for some sweet inspiration.     Photo/Baker Credits: 1 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 2 Impulse Photography 3 & 4 nbarrett photography / Layered Bake Shop / Via *** 5 The Caketress. 6 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 7 Big City Little Treats 8 Maki’s Cakes / Via *** 9 Vicky Starz / The Caketress […]
March 22, 2012

Lovella Loves…

This berry-hued dessert display, seen here. This table is evidence than when beautiful, bright florals are married with pretty (and we’re sure delicious) sweets, the result can be quite irresistible. We find this to be excellent inspiration for a bridal shower, wedding reception, or any special event. Enjoy!    
November 18, 2011

Gray Edibles

Never before has gray been so appealing (or appetizing). Add a dose of white or ivory flowers or embellishments to a gray confection and the absence of color has soft romantic appeal. Sounds just about perfect for a wedding! The cakes and treats below are perfect examples of the magic gray can create; we especially love a white or ivory cake with touches of the color. Enjoy.     Photo Credits: 1 & 2 Sweets by The Caketress w/ Photo by Taylor Jackson Photography via *** 3 Cake by The Couture Cakery 4 Cake by Ambassador Catering via *** 5 Cake trimmed with gray paper via Martha Stewart Weddings 6 image via *** 7 Sweets by The Caketress w/ Photo by Taylor Jackson Photography via *** 8 Cake by The Pastry Studio via *** 9 Sweets by The Caketress 10 Cake by Sweet Sensations w/ Photo by Melissa Schollaert Photography […]
August 19, 2011

Lovella Loves…

…these embellished French macarons, first seen here. Though gray may not be a natural color choice for these often colorful treats, after several glances the soft color begins to grow on you (it sure did on us). And the crystals, though inedible, make for a sparkling photo op. ♥ Your Lovella Bridal Team