factory tour

December 21, 2012

Liancarlo Factory Tour

The exciting news just keeps coming! In October at bridal fashion week, Lovella Bridal selected a new designer to offer in our salon: Liancarlo. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a designer, or how many collections you’ve put together. Each one is like starting from scratch,” Liancarlo’s head designer Carlos Ramirez (pictured above with two Lovella fashion stylists) states in the beautiful short video below. A gown is a “marriage between intellect and art.” While we were in Miami we visited the Liancarlo factory. To date, it’s the largest factory Lovella has visited! And it’s the only one we’ve seen stock so much fabric at one time, which is due to their ample space. The image of the fabric inventory (below) speaks for itself. It’s a huge convenience factor to have the fabric readily available; this is a luxury not all designers have. Liancarlo’s latest collection is very romantic, […]
November 6, 2012

NYC Bridal Market 2012: Kenneth Pool/Amsale Factory Tour

During bridal market, the Lovella team was thrilled to have the chance to take a tour of the New York-based hands-on factory where all the Kenneth Pool and Amsale bridal magic occurs. Of course, this was not our first encounter with Kenneth Pool during our trip to NYC; we were there for the runway show, and had a private viewing (part one, part two). Among our sightings, where all the Amsale Aberra-designed bridal gowns are made. were a vintage quality control machine, digital machines that create the patterns, and spools of the dreamy fabric that is used to construct the gowns. Enjoy these exclusive photos!     (Above) A vintage quality control machine, which is used to lay the fabric to ensure all the flaws are cut around and not used. Note that these machines allow no room for error! (Above) Digitalized patterns are designed for each bride. (Above) A computerized […]