January 14, 2012

Architectural Cakes

ar·chi·tec·ture (noun): the profession of designing buildings… and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect. (source) As if classic, traditional cakes aren’t already visually appealing, there’s a new crop of architecturally-designed cakes being rolled out at weddings. More bakers and cake artists are thinking outside the box by experimenting with proportions. Take Maggie Austin for example; some of her tiered creations are a clean line on one side, while steep step-style tiers make up the other. The Caketress also showcases cakes less ordinary, from mixed-shape cakes to confections of varying tier heights. If you’re looking for cake ideas, and whether you’re going the more traditional route or not, we think you’ll enjoy these architecturally-unique cakes.     Credits: 1 Maggie Austin Cake 2 Edda’s Cakes via *** 3 Cake Opera Co. 4 The Caketress 5 Cake Opera Co. via *** 6 Vanilla Bake Shop via Brides […]
December 2, 2011

Winter White & Ivory Cakes

No other confection is quite as chic or timeless as a white or ivory wedding cake. White and ivory have the power to transcend all seasons; the colors are fashionable in spring and summer or fall and winter. And bonus points goes to a cake with icing in exquisite textures, designs or shapes, which seem to make it all the more enticing to sink your teeth into. Go classic with flowers and pearls or modern with large circles or waves of buttercream or fondant. Below you’ll see a towering white rosette cake (almost too pretty to eat), classically textured four and five-tiered cakes, an art deco-inspired creation and more.     Credits: 1 Via Martha Stewart Weddings 2 Cake by Cut the Cake via *** 3 Via The Knot 4 Cake by Cake Crumbs w/ image by Heidi Ryder via *** 5 Cake by cakegirls via *** 6 Sublime Bakery […]