December 20, 2011

Lovella Loves…

These Vivienne Westwood heels, seen here. It’s tough to miss the plethora of brides who’ve opted to wear various color combinations of this style. This particular pair caught our eye because of the unique, unexpected even, color combo. It’s hard not to love the something blue shoe since Carrie Bradshaw, and with red being such a romantic color the lovely shoe pictured below seems to be extremely befitting of a wedding. ♥    
June 10, 2011

Shoes? Shoes.

There isn’t a detail that goes unnoticed with brides – you ladies think of everything (and we love you for it)! With lots of details to address comes lots of options to entertain… So let’s highlight a big detail that we absolutely love helping our brides with! Shoes! You have the dress, you have the ring, you have the veil, you have the bridesmaids – and you need the shoes. Are you wearing white shoes? Can you wear a colored shoe? Are you wearing heels? Flats? Are you like most brides and think “Well no one will really see my feet anyway so I may-as-well wear what I want?” The bottom line ladies – there is absolutely no right or wrong. This is your wedding, your day – so let’s make sure you’re comfortable and excited about your shoes. There are plenty of ways to find comfort while executing impeccable […]