New York City

November 8, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week: Jorge Manuel Private Viewing

With this post we wrap up our visit to Fall 2014 NYC Bridal Market, and we’re leaving things on a high note! Jorge Manuel is celebrating his company’s fifth anniversary with the fabulous haute couture Fleur Collection 2014. This collection, presented with a lush garden theme backdrop, was inspired by flowers from world-famous gardens. “I [studied] each flower and its symbolic meaning, [and] examined its structure and allowed this to influence the designing process,” Manuel noted in the collection’s official statement. The twelve gowns in the collection took a year to complete, and with over 1,000 hours of hand-beaded work invested, was clearly a labor of love. That said, the beadwork in this collection is exquisite. The gown shapes are flattering and classic, but there are surprises galore. For instance, a gown with a plunging neckline on a bodice adorned with embellishments so feminine and romantic that it doesn’t teeter […]
October 26, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2013: Kenneth Pool Private Viewing

Our story of bridal fashion week continues with Kenneth Pool! To kick it off, above is a photo of us with Lori Burns Allen and Monte Durham of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. We run into them at Kenneth Pool every year, and they’re such great people. Now on to the Fall 2014 Collection. We’re reminded of what Kenneth Pool head designer Amsale Aberra shared with us in our exclusive interview previously: “The Kenneth Pool bride personifies glamour and likes to make a grand entrance.” We love, love, love the detachable options throughout. (For example, the first dress below, tulle with the embroidered belt, has a detachable train that is so fun.) “As long as there is a fine line between Cinderella and a modern princess, tulle can give the bride the look she wants,” Aberra shared. You’ll also see more lace and retable trains here than ever before […]
October 22, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2013: Edgardo Bonilla Private Viewing, Part 2

The story of our adventures at bridal fashion week continues! You’re viewing part two of two of exclusive photos from our private viewing of bridal designer Edgardo Bonilla’s latest collection (don’t miss part one). We absolutely adored this collection, and we can’t wait to bring the pieces to Lovella Bridal. “This is a collection for a bride who wants to take a chance, step out of the box, and do something edgy and unique. It’s couture and chic, yet modern. THIS is FASHION!” exclaimed Lovella Wedding Fashion Expert and Stylist Nayri. We hope these fashion-forward designs leave you inspired, too. Enjoy!
October 20, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2013: Lazaro Private Viewing

Last week’s bridal fashion week adventures continue with photos from our Lazaro writing appointment. This collection has it all: texture, frothiness, sex appeal, dimension, all in waist-accentuating styles. Wedding Fashion Expert and Stylist Nayri’s favorite dress in the collection? “The lace dress with gold throughout, and the gold ribbon at the waist.” In the last image you’ll see a Maria Elena Headpieces belt; an appropriately over-the-top embellished statement piece that’s especially perfect for the bride who’s wild about accessories. Enjoy the collection!
October 14, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2013: Maria Elena Headpieces Private Viewing

It’s that time of year again: bridal fashion week, take two! Last April, Lovella packed up for a weekend in New York City to scout the latest collections for the latest and greatest in bridal dresses and accessories. This time around, it was much of the same: Quick traveling from appointment to runway show and vice versa, delight over the newest offerings and innovation in design, and absolute giddiness over selecting the cream of the crop to offer Southern California brides. In viewing the latest from Maria Elena Headpieces, we had free reign to “ooh” and “ahh” in private over headbands, clutches, headpieces and assorted jewelry. Brighter pieces resulted from opal and texture and depth of tulle, two items heavily incorporated in this season’s collection. We can’t wait to pair these new accessories with lace and tulle gowns from our salon! We also saw rose and yellow gold in this […]