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January 6, 2014

2013 Lovella Bridal Highlights, Pt. 1: Our Brides

2013 was an amazing year on so many levels, so much so that we wish to share this two-part compilation of photographs that documents Lovella Bridal’s 2013. Year after year one thing is for certain: Our brides make us who we are. Lovella brides featured on our blog in 2013: Edith, Teny, Bianca, Gayaneh, Mira, Stella, Kimmie, Shahrzad, Linda, Adrine, Sharon, Ojen, Romela, Nicole, Monica, Jenn, Brittney, Sheila, Ashley, Rachel, Tracy and Tina. These beautiful ladies wore designs, some custom, from some of the most talented designers in the industry. A handful of them were  even featured in publications (Stella, Shahrzad and Nicole in Ceremony) and on blogs (Brittney on Green Wedding Shoes). Good-bye 2013! We welcome 2014 with open arms, as there is even more in store for our brides in 2014—promised. Stay tuned… In the meantime enjoy these photos of our 2013 brides featured on our blog, and look for part two of our recap.
May 30, 2012

Earrings Inspiration

The great Oscar de la Renta once said: “Long earrings are a great complement to the face.” In photos we will prove the above statement! In fact, pay special attention to the first image below; this photo is evidence just how much earrings can stand out. And who says only the bride can shine? Brides, don’t keep all the sparkle to yourself! Why not gift your bridesmaids something ultra special, like, say, a pair of earrings by Maria Elena? (Yes, we do carry that designer in our salon!) Surely your ‘maids will be delighted that you’re willing to share the spotlight. Enjoy the inspiration, and invest in a pair of sparklers of your own!     Photographer/Designer Credits: 1 Duke Photography (with more images of Rachel in her custom Ines Di Santo gown here) 2 Susan Stripling / Via *** 3 John + Louise / Via *** 4 Earrings by, […]