Ring Bearer Bowl

November 5, 2011

A Ring Bearer Bowl, the Sweetest Thing

Once we came across adorable ring bearer bowls by Paloma’s Nest we were in love. Of course, Paloma’s Nest is now no stranger to media love and attention. Arguably their most popular design, the Ring Bearer Bowl, has put into place a new tradition: a bowl en lieu of a sometimes-stuffy pillow for the ring bearer. The bowls are stamped with custom texts, from the names of the bride and groom to the most romantic poems and phrases, like “To have and to hold” (which is our favorite). One of these crafty bowls is a great heirloom piece, and is such a sweet, chic way to make a sweet, subtle statement on your big day.   Credits (for non-Paloma’s Nest site photo): 1 Melissa Schollaert Photography via *** 4 Alea Moore Photography via ***