Wedding Reception

April 1, 2014

Aglow with Candles

In 2012 we wrote: Candles can beautify a mundane setting, or illuminate an already-fantastic one. Not much has changed since then, except we have tons of fresh new inspiration to share. Candles can breathe romance and elegance into your wedding ceremony or reception. They never go out of style, photograph beautifully, and can be easy on the wallet. Candles set the mood for any event and are incredibly versatile. Open flames not permitted at your venue? Couple with glassware like hurricane glasses and your problem is solved. Enjoy the inspiration! Credits: 1 & 6 Via Carousel 2 Taylor Roades Photography | Design by Wedding Dream | Via 3 Fiona Leahy Design 4 Michelle Lange | Via 5 Ozzy Garcia. 7 Caroline Tran | Via 8 Ikonica | Via 9 & 12 Jonathan Young Weddings | Florals by Cristina Lozito | Via 10 Next to Me Studios | Via 11 Mark […]
September 9, 2012

The Stand: A Wedding Cake’s Costar

There are three components to a wedding cake display: 1.) The cake. 2.) The entire space in which it’s presented. 3.) The stand. The stand can be especially important if your cake isn’t a big statement in itself (hello, budget brides). It’s also another way that you can weave in your wedding’s theme with relative ease. We have some gorgeous inspiration for you today, from vintage silver stands, to iron custom-made creations, to those dripping in crystals. Enjoy!       Photo Credits: 1 Via Fash Boulevard 2 Love Is A Big Deal / Cake by Main Event Productions (via) 3 Danielle Gillett / Cake by The Buttery (via) 4 jason + anna photography / Stand by the bride’s father (via) 5 The Caketress. 6 TinyDot Photography (via) 7 KT Merry Photography (via) 8 Llanes Wedding Photography (via) 9 Duke Photography / Stand from Swag Antiques (via) 10 Andria Lo […]
July 23, 2012

Lovella Loves…

This uber cute, feminine and frilly dessert display shared originally here. We are absolutely giddy over this lovely dessert table. This setup is every girl’s dream, complete with bowls and jars of sumptuous pink florals, countless sugary delights like shimmering cake pops and raspberry-topped tarts on display, and adorable calligraphed signs that are surely too pretty to discard. Enjoy this on your Monday! Credits: Photography: Sewell Photography / Concept & Design: Eat Drink Pretty / Cake: Sweets Bakeshop.
June 25, 2012

Decor: Double The Wedding Fabulousness With Mirrors

A bit of advice from a variety of party tips and tricks books: incorporate mirrors into your decor. You may be surprised to find how much depth reflection may add to a look. Take a cue from the photos below. Anything from table top mirrors and frames placed beneath single centerpieces, to large mirrors as statement pieces in the reception space are fabulous ideas. Show off those gorgeous florals you paid so much for, add to your wedding theme with marvelous frames with mirrors instead of photos, or double the glow of the candlelight from all those candles burning away. Enjoy!     Photo Credits: 1 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 2 Melissa Schollaert Photography / Via *** 3 Elizabeth Messina / Via *** 4 JLS Photography / Via WedLuxe 5 Via ***. 6 David Crane / Kelly Oshiro Design / Via *** 7 Source unknown 8 Pam Scott / […]
April 28, 2012

Fabulous To-Know: Monochromatic Decor

mono·chro·mat·ic (adj.): having or consisting of one color or hue/consisting of radiation of a single wavelength or of a very small range of wavelengths. (source) Though a veritable color palette can be fabulous for weddings, often times we crave one color and/or a variation of hues. One of the best examples of monochromatic decor may be with white, with shades of ivory, cream, and ecru, and maybe even a touch of yellow. Now that’s chic! Below we have inspiration in a multitude of colors, from green and purple to pink and red. Do enjoy!     Photographer/Design Credits: 1 Angie Silvy Photography / HUNTlittlefield / Via *** 2 Amelia Lyon Photography / NLC Productions / Via *** 3 Aaron Young / Via *** 4 Pure 7 Studios / Events by Nouveau Flowers / Via *** 5 Lane Dittoe / Via *** 6 Image via *** 7 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. 8 […]