wedding rings

June 18, 2013

Colorful Rings

A ring can be symbolic, have a history, and/or mean any amount of things or carry any amount of memories. But, no matter its (long or short) past, there’s something to be said about a perfectly pretty engagement, cocktail or wedding ring in an unexpected hue. In fact, many of our brides opt to wear a blue ring as their “something blue.” Feast your eyes on these sparkling beauties – and enjoy! Photo Credits: 1 Lane Dittoe 2 Widdis Photography (via) 3 Kelly Dillon / Barmakian Jewelers custom ring (via) 4 Kelly Pietrowski (via) 5 Chellise Michael 6 Emily Steffen (via). 7 Sarah K Chen 8 Nami Dadlani (via) 9&10 Heather Kincaid (via) 11 ZaraZoo 12 Marta Locklear (via). 13 Matt Edge (via) 14 We Heart Photography 15 Onelove Photography (via) 16 KT Merry (via) 17 Henry Chen 18 Stephanie Godfrey (via).
October 6, 2011

The Essence of Wedding Rings

A ring is one of the most crucial wedding accessories, second perhaps only to the bride’s shoes. We delight in the multitude of ways wedding photographers are capturing images of couples’ rings on their big day. They’ve been getting creative, placing rings atop perfectly pretty macarons and mouth watering fruits and on plants of the season and stationery. When you’re getting your list of shots together for your photographer don’t forget to request a fabulous shot of the rings. It’s an image of symbolism you will treasure for years to come.     Photo Credits: 1 Duke Photography 2 Kim Mendoza via *** 3 Simply Bloom Photography 4 Andrea Murphy Photography via *** 5 Pier 23 6 Erin Hearts Court 7 David Torralva Photography and Liz K. Photo 8 Floataway Studios 9 Laura Murray Photography via *** 10 CKMetro Photos via *** 11 Brett Matthews via *** 12 Pier 23 […]