August 10, 2012

Heavenly Couture Confections

It’s true, we’re a bit couture crazy over here. We love (and sell) couture bridal gowns, and we appreciate gorgeously-designed cakes and cupcakes. We also love any confections – cookies, French macarons, cake pops, chocolates or tarts – that are so finely-crafted that to call them anything but couture would be a crime. However, admittedly, sometimes all it takes is a clean, chic look, or one simple fabulous embellishment plucked on top, to make a sweet delight “couture” in our book. Our advice? Display accordingly! Scroll down for some sweet inspiration.     Photo/Baker Credits: 1 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 2 Impulse Photography 3 & 4 nbarrett photography / Layered Bake Shop / Via *** 5 The Caketress. 6 Elizabeth In Love / So Baked / Via *** 7 Big City Little Treats 8 Maki’s Cakes / Via *** 9 Vicky Starz / The Caketress […]
July 23, 2012

Lovella Loves…

This uber cute, feminine and frilly dessert display shared originally here. We are absolutely giddy over this lovely dessert table. This setup is every girl’s dream, complete with bowls and jars of sumptuous pink florals, countless sugary delights like shimmering cake pops and raspberry-topped tarts on display, and adorable calligraphed signs that are surely too pretty to discard. Enjoy this on your Monday! Credits: Photography: Sewell Photography / Concept & Design: Eat Drink Pretty / Cake: Sweets Bakeshop.
May 4, 2012

All You Need Is LOVE

Love. That’s what weddings are all about, right? Some couples decide to spell it out for their celebration, though, and it’s such a fun way to communicate something so big with those in attendance. Whether on big wood blocks or on teacups, on signs or on Scrabble pieces, love is indeed a sweet thing to spell out.     Photography Credits: 1 Francis Joseph Photography / Via *** 2 O&C Photography / Via *** 3 Image via *** 4 Jagger Photography / Via ***. 5 Paperlily Photography / Via *** 6 We Heart Photography / Via *** 7 Robin Nathan Photography / Via *** 8 O&C Photography / Via ***. 9 Two One Photography / Via *** 10 Craig & Eva Sanders / Via ***.
April 25, 2012

Color Inspiration: Purple & Orange

Of all the possible color combinations, purple and orange strikes a special chord. Together these colors work magic, creating a bold statement with a punch of color. Just witness the vibrancy of the bouquets, confections, and decor below. Enjoy the inspiration!     Photography Credits: 1 Figlewicz Photography / Via *** 2 Wtoo by Watters 3 Figlewicz Photography / Boutonniere by Sada’s Flowers / Via *** 4 Figlewicz Photography / Via *** 5 Corbin Gurkin Photography 6 Maggie Harkov Photography / Via *** 7 Stephanie Williams Photography 8 Maggie Harkov Photography / Via ***. 9 Allison Davis Photography / Via *** 10 Kim & Niki, Photographers / Bouquet by Lavender Floral / Via *** 11 Allison Davis Photography / Via *** 12 Via *** 13 Allison Davis Photography / Via *** 14 Erin Hearts Court 15 Stephanie Williams Photography.
March 11, 2012

Zesty Orange

Call it what you will – zesty, tangy… invigorating, even. No matter the adjective, orange is an in-your-face, bold shot of color. Used sparingly, it can look oh-so fabulous. The evidence is in the photos below. We’ll leave you with some words from Frank Sinatra: “Orange is the happiest color.”     Photo Credits: 1 onelove photography 2 Dress by Wtoo 3 Flowers by Krista Jon via *** 4  Jen Lauren Grant Photographer 5 Scott Andrew Studio 6 “Lance” shoes by Jimmy Choo. 7 Artage Pictures 8 Image found via *** 9 “Lara’s Theme” nail polish by Deborah Lippmann 10 Tiffany & Co. “Holly” Clutch 11 Jenna Cole Photography w/ boutonniere by Larkspur via ***. 12 Cake by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes via *** 13 Artage Pictures 14 Scott Andrew Studio 15 & 16 Tiffany & Co. Bracelet Bag and Citrine Cocktail Ring.