September 7, 2013

Color Inspiration: Navy Blue & Yellow

Navy and yellow as a color combination is chic, modern and seasonless. Put plainly, these colors combined are a breath of fresh air. Infusing your wedding’s theme with yellow can offer a nautical affair a refreshing burst of energy. Conversely, injecting deep blue into a prominently-yellow theme can offer contrast and classic appeal. To make this palette work any time of year, simply make your prominent color choice depending on the season: lemon for spring and summer, navy for fall and winter. Spend some time to soak up the effect of these partnered colors; you may fall under its spell as we did. Enjoy! Photo Credits: 1 Jessica Frey Photography 2 & 4 Jennifer Eileen Photography (via) 3 McCoy Made / Bouquet by Margaret’s Garden at Grand Hotel (via) 5 Lemon blueberry cupcakes by The Cake Blog 6 Wtoo by Watters bridesmaid dress 7 Becky Young Photography / Boutonniere by […]
June 18, 2013

Colorful Rings

A ring can be symbolic, have a history, and/or mean any amount of things or carry any amount of memories. But, no matter its (long or short) past, there’s something to be said about a perfectly pretty engagement, cocktail or wedding ring in an unexpected hue. In fact, many of our brides opt to wear a blue ring as their “something blue.” Feast your eyes on these sparkling beauties – and enjoy! Photo Credits: 1 Lane Dittoe 2 Widdis Photography (via) 3 Kelly Dillon / Barmakian Jewelers custom ring (via) 4 Kelly Pietrowski (via) 5 Chellise Michael 6 Emily Steffen (via). 7 Sarah K Chen 8 Nami Dadlani (via) 9&10 Heather Kincaid (via) 11 ZaraZoo 12 Marta Locklear (via). 13 Matt Edge (via) 14 We Heart Photography 15 Onelove Photography (via) 16 KT Merry (via) 17 Henry Chen 18 Stephanie Godfrey (via).
November 20, 2012

Tasha, a Bride with an Amazing Story, Allured on Her Wedding Day

When we were contacted by wedding planner Hylah White, of H. White Special Events, to help make a special bride’s dream dress a reality, our hearts were touched. Lovella bride Tasha’s story is one of triumph. She survived Stage IV lymphoma cancer, but not without being faced with extremely high medical bills. (Not only that, Tasha had earlier lost her mother to cancer.) That said, her special day was to be on a budget. Not that weddings on budgets can’t be marvelous, but Hylah was determined to make “her day one to remember for a lifetime.”  Tasha wore an Allure Bridals dress featuring a ruched dropped waist bodice and soft ruffle skirt. Our salon added custom beading under the bust for that glamourous touch! She wore sparkling earrings to match, yellow and nude shoes, and a part princess/part retro hairdo. The bride’s bouquet of white, yellow and green florals was […]
April 28, 2012

Fabulous To-Know: Monochromatic Decor

mono·chro·mat·ic (adj.): having or consisting of one color or hue/consisting of radiation of a single wavelength or of a very small range of wavelengths. (source) Though a veritable color palette can be fabulous for weddings, often times we crave one color and/or a variation of hues. One of the best examples of monochromatic decor may be with white, with shades of ivory, cream, and ecru, and maybe even a touch of yellow. Now that’s chic! Below we have inspiration in a multitude of colors, from green and purple to pink and red. Do enjoy!     Photographer/Design Credits: 1 Angie Silvy Photography / HUNTlittlefield / Via *** 2 Amelia Lyon Photography / NLC Productions / Via *** 3 Aaron Young / Via *** 4 Pure 7 Studios / Events by Nouveau Flowers / Via *** 5 Lane Dittoe / Via *** 6 Image via *** 7 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. 8 […]
September 25, 2011

Ray of Sunshine

Summer may be gone but the sun still shines! Bright and sunny yellow hues are popping up in weddings more than ever. A little pop of color can go a long way, as evidenced in the photos below. Yellow may not be for everyone… initially. To become a fan incorporate this standout color, proven to boost joy and happiness, into accents like accessories, flowers or your wedding cake. You may be surprised at the magic a hint of sunshine can make.     Image Credits: 1 Focus Photography, Inc. w/ bouquet by Luna Gardens via *** / 2 FS Photography w/ cake by Mark Joseph Cakes via *** / 3 Sarah K Chen / 4 Stephanie Williams Photography  5 Jocelyn Filley Photography via *** / 6 Our Labor of Love w/ Highland Bakery cake via *** / 7 image via *** / 8 Tray Photography via *** / 9 image […]