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June 17, 2014
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DIY Instagram hashtag wedding ideas via Something Turquoise

Social media has transformed the way we experience, share and remember life’s events.

We at Lovella are big fans of using hashtags to corral photos that would more than likely go unnoticed. Hashtags allow us to see what happens from another person’s perspective at our salon, and with surprisingly minimal effort on our behalf.hashtag wedding photo by onelove photography

The experience is the same for weddings.  Why create a custom hashtag for your wedding?

-Experience the event from your guests’ perspectives. Bonus: Refer to their captions for sentiments and details that may otherwise go unshared.

-Corral wedding photos from your big day for free.

-Social media photos are a nice, more casual supplement to professional wedding photographs.

Promotion is easy. Add your custom hashtag to wedding stationery materials, a large chalkboard or the like at the ceremony, in a frame near the guestbook, or even on each table with the centerpieces. Get creative!

Where to begin? Here is an excellent article on How to Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos with Instagram. Here’s a more basic DIY guide for creating and promoting your wedding hashtag.

Two things to keep in mind. One, for the bride and groom: ensure your hashtag has not been used. Two, for the guests: Share carefully. If you do post from an event via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., snap the photo then save posting until a down time. Be respectful and don’t force the bride and groom see a sea of phones and cameras raised in the air as they look out from the alter or sweetheart table; let them see the happy faces of their guests.

Have you, or will you use a hashtag for your wedding? Please share!

Instagram hashtag wedding by Alders Photography

social media wedding ideas

hashtag wedding ideas from onelove photography

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Instagram hashtag wedding inspiration

social media wedding ideas

Instagram hashtag wedding inspiration from high heels & high notes3 Instagram hashtag wedding by Alders Photography

7 Yuna Leonard | Via 8 Lexia Frank | Via 9 Lauren Kinsey Via 10 Via high heels & high notes.