Wedding Advice: The Truth About Low Back Wedding Dresses

Wedding Advice: How to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress
December 29, 2019
Melissa, in Ines Di Santo Marries Shant
January 10, 2020

Wedding Advice: The Truth About Low Back Wedding Dresses 

Tips from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert

The most important thing about shopping for a low back gown is not forgetting to consider the front design. Nayri says, “The biggest mistake with getting so fixated on the low back is that most photos from your wedding are taken from the front.” Also, if you’re only focusing on the back of the gown, you may limit your options. It is very important to consider the front of your dress first. If you find a dress that you love but does not have a low back, it can always be done in alterations. Something to keep in mind is that when you want to lower the back of a dress, you may loose the structure that would normally sinch the waist and hug the body. Adding a translucent fabric to the bare back will keep the structure and pull the front fabric together,  which helps define your curves! Low back dresses may affect the appearance of your body shape, so choosing the right style with the right complimentary elements to your body is key.

To hear all the tip and tricks Nayri talks about regarding low back gowns, head over to Nayri’s youtube channel here to watch the full video! 

Enjoy some of our favorite low back gowns by Berta and Ines Di Santo!


Gowns 1-3: @BertaPrivee | @Berta

Gowns 4-9: @InesDiSanto

Photographer for gown 3: @BrianLeahyPhoto

Photographer for gowns 1,2 & 4-9: @KameraProductions